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Cross (Genetics)

A cross refers to the breeding process of combining two different cannabis plants with desirable traits to create offspring with a unique genetic makeup. The offspring, often referred to as hybrids, inherit characteristics from both parent plants, resulting in a combination of traits that may exhibit a range of qualities, such as aroma, flavor, potency, and growth characteristics.

The process of creating a cross involves selecting a male plant with specific traits, such as high potency or resistance to pests, and pollinating a female plant with its pollen. The female plant is chosen based on desirable traits such as aroma, flavor, or yield. By carefully selecting the parent plants, breeders aim to create offspring that possess the desired traits from both parents, resulting in a new genetic combination.

Cannabis breeding and creating crosses is a technique used by breeders to develop new strains with unique characteristics. It allows for the introduction and preservation of desirable traits while also promoting genetic diversity within the cannabis plant population. This process has contributed to the wide variety of cannabis strains available today, each with its own unique combination of traits and effects.

When breeders create a new cross, they often give it a name that reflects its parentage or unique characteristics. This naming convention helps identify and differentiate the various cannabis strains available in the market. For example, if a breeder crosses a popular strain like Girl Scout Cookies with a potent sativa strain like Durban Poison, they may name the resulting cross “Girl Scout Cookies x Durban Poison” or come up with a creative strain name that represents the traits of the new hybrid.

By using controlled breeding techniques and selecting parent plants with specific traits, breeders can create crosses that cater to different preferences and needs of cannabis consumers. This includes strains with varying levels of cannabinoids, such as THC or CBD, as well as specific aromas, flavors, and growth characteristics.


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