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In the context of cannabis cultivation, “cutting” refers to the process of taking a cutting or clone from a mature cannabis plant in order to propagate and grow genetically identical plants. It is a common technique used by growers to reproduce desirable traits and maintain genetic consistency.

To take a cutting, a healthy and mature plant is selected as the “mother plant.” A small branch or shoot, typically referred to as a “clone,” is cut from the mother plant using a sharp, sterile instrument. This usually includes a node, which is a point on the stem where leaves and branches emerge.

After the cutting is taken, any excess leaves are removed to reduce moisture loss and minimize stress on the cutting. Some growers may also choose to make a diagonal cut at the base of the stem to increase the surface area for water absorption.

The cutting is then placed in a rooting medium, such as rockwool cubes, peat pellets, or a soilless mix, to encourage the growth of new roots. Proper humidity and lighting conditions are essential to support root development during this stage.

Once the roots have formed, the cutting can be transplanted into a suitable growing medium, such as soil or a hydroponic system, to continue its growth as an independent plant. It is important to provide the cutting with adequate water, nutrients, and light to ensure its healthy development.

Taking cuttings allows growers to replicate the desirable characteristics of the mother plant, such as its growth pattern, flavor, aroma, and potency. It also provides an efficient way to propagate cannabis plants without relying on seeds, which may have genetic variability.

The process of cutting and cloning is often used in commercial cannabis cultivation to maintain consistency in strains and optimize plant production. It allows growers to preserve the genetic traits of popular and high-performing cannabis varieties.


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