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A carburetor often simply referred to as a “carb,” is a small hole found on the side of a pipe or bong. It plays a crucial role in controlling the airflow and smoke concentration within the device.

Function and Usage

The carburetor works by allowing fresh air into the pipe or bong when it’s uncovered, which clears the smoke from the chamber and allows it to be inhaled more easily. When the carb is covered, the airflow is restricted, allowing the chamber to fill with smoke.

To use a carburetor, the user covers the carb with a finger while lighting the cannabis and begins to inhale, drawing smoke into the chamber. Once the chamber is filled with the desired amount of smoke, the user uncovers the carb, allowing fresh air to enter and push the smoke into their lungs.


The use of a carburetor in a pipe or bong offers several benefits:

  1. Control: The carb allows the user to control the amount and concentration of smoke they inhale, which can lead to a more enjoyable and personalized smoking experience.
  2. Efficiency: By clearing the smoke from the chamber, the carb ensures that no smoke is wasted and that the user inhales all the smoke they generate.
  3. Cleaning: The carb also makes cleaning the device easier, as it provides an additional opening through which cleaning solutions can be poured.

The carburetor is a small but essential component of many smoking devices, helping to control airflow and improve the efficiency and enjoyment of the smoking experience.


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