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CO2 Extraction

CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction, also called supercritical fluid extraction, is a popular way to get substances from cannabis plants. It’s safe and keeps the good stuff.

In CO2 extraction, we use carbon dioxide (CO2) to take out the good stuff from the plant. We change CO2’s state by adjusting temperature and pressure. This makes it act like both a gas and a liquid, which is good for dissolving the target compounds.

First, we put cannabis material in a container. Then, we send supercritical CO2 through it to dissolve the good stuff. We then collect the CO2 mix and separate the desired compounds from it.

This is great because we can adjust the conditions to get specific compounds. It’s safer and better for the environment than other methods. Plus, it gives us control and makes products consistent.

It works for small or big extractions and various cannabis products like oils and concentrates.

CO2 extraction needs expertise and equipment. We can refine the extracted compounds to make different cannabis products, like CBD oils or THC concentrates.

In short, CO2 extraction is a widely used method in the cannabis industry to get high-quality extracts. It’s efficient and keeps the good stuff pure.


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