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A crutch, also known as a filter or tip, is a small piece of rigid but bendable material, often made from cardstock or thick paper, that is placed at the end of a joint or blunt. It serves as a mouthpiece, providing structure and stability and preventing the inhalation of plant matter.

Design and Usage

Crutches are typically made by folding a small strip of cardstock or thick paper into an accordion shape at one end, then rolling the rest of the paper around that folded section to create a cylindrical or conical shape. The crutch is then inserted into the end of the joint or blunt, providing a firm mouthpiece that keeps the end of the joint open and makes it easier to hold and smoke.

While some people prefer to roll their joints or blunts without a crutch, many find that a crutch improves the smoking experience. It prevents the joint from getting soggy, keeps the cannabis inside the joint instead of in your mouth, and allows you to smoke the entire joint without burning your fingers or lips.


Using a crutch in a joint or blunt offer several benefits:

  1. Stability: The crutch provides structure to the joint, keeping it from collapsing or getting squished.
  2. Smoke Quality: By keeping the end of the joint open, the crutch allows for a smoother and more consistent draw.
  3. Efficiency: The crutch allows you to smoke all of the cannabis in the joint without needing to worry about burning your fingers or lips on the roach.

While not everyone uses a crutch when rolling a joint or blunt, many find that it improves the overall smoking experience. Whether you’re a novice or experienced smoker, using a crutch can provide a more enjoyable and efficient way to smoke cannabis.


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