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A “roach” refers to the end of a joint, blunt, or spliff that is left over after smoking. It’s typically small, somewhat difficult to hold and smoke due to its size, and often discarded.

Usage and Significance

Roaches are often saved and collected because they still contain remnants of cannabis that can be reused. Some cannabis users will break open roaches to recover this leftover cannabis and roll it into a new joint or smoke it in a pipe. Others might save roaches to use in times when they are out of fresh cannabis.

The term “roach” is believed to have originated from the Mexican Spanish term “cucaracha,” which translates to cockroach. The comparison comes from the fact that a roach, like a cockroach, is often seen as something unwanted.


While some people choose to smoke roaches, it’s important to note that they can be harsher to smoke than a fresh joint. This is because the smoke from a roach has already passed through the joint, picking up additional tar and particulates. Additionally, roaches can have a stronger smell due to the accumulation of resin.

A roach is the leftover end of a joint, blunt, or spliff after smoking. While often discarded, some cannabis users choose to save and reuse the cannabis remnants in roaches. As with all aspects of cannabis use, it’s important to consider personal comfort and health when deciding whether to smoke roaches.


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