Cannabis in Belarus


Cannabis in Belarus is illegal for both recreational and medicinal purposes. The country has strict drug laws and a zero-tolerance policy towards the use, possession, cultivation, and distribution of marijuana.

Legal Status

The government of Belarus makes no distinction between any categories of drugs, so cannabis and hemp are considered the same as harder drugs like heroin and opium. This means that the penalties for cannabis-related offenses can be severe.


The cultivation of cannabis is also illegal in Belarus. A 1996 report noted that cultivation of cannabis was present in the country, fueling usage; however, the same report noted that personal possession of cannabis was not at that time illegal. The laws have since been tightened, and cultivation is now a criminal offense.

Public Opinion and Future Prospects

Public opinion on cannabis use in Belarus is not well-documented, but given the strict laws and penalties, it can be inferred that cannabis use is not widely accepted. The future of cannabis legalization in Belarus is uncertain, but given the current legal climate, changes seem unlikely in the near future.

In Belarus, all forms of cannabis are illegal and penalties for possession, use, and distribution are severe. It’s important for anyone in Belarus or planning to travel there to be aware of these laws and to avoid any cannabis-related activities.


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