Cannabis in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the laws surrounding cannabis are nuanced and have evolved over time. While the recreational use of cannabis is largely illegal, the country has made strides in the legalization and regulation of medical cannabis and low-THC cannabis products.

Legal Status

Recreational use of cannabis is illegal in Switzerland. However, minor possession was decriminalized in 2012, turning it into a fine rather than a criminal offense. Despite this, the production, import, and sale of recreational cannabis remain prohibited.

Medical and Low-THC Cannabis

Switzerland has fully legalized medical cannabis. The Federal Council of Switzerland lifted the ban on cannabis for medical purposes, allowing patients with a prescription to access medical cannabis treatments.

In addition, Switzerland has a unique stance on low-THC cannabis products. Cannabis that contains less than 1% THC is legal in Switzerland. This includes CBD products, which are easily accessible across the country.


Cultivation of cannabis for personal use is not allowed, even for approved medical cannabis patients. However, the cultivation of cannabis for industrial use is permitted, provided that certified seeds from the varieties listed on the European variety list are used.

Future Prospects

There have been recent reports suggesting that Switzerland may be considering further changes to its cannabis laws. Some cities have expressed interest in establishing pilot cannabis clubs, and there have been discussions about potentially legalizing the production, trade, and consumption of cannabis.

In Switzerland, the laws surrounding cannabis are complex and evolving. While recreational use remains largely illegal, the country has embraced medical cannabis and low-THC cannabis products. As always, it’s important for individuals to understand and abide by the laws in their specific location.


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