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Smacked Dispensary NYC: A Landmark Dispensary Signifying Change

A Landmark Dispensary Signifying Change, Smacked LLC, a promising new venture on the horizon of the New York cannabis industry, is a testament to progress and transformation. Situated in the heart of Manhattan at 144 Bleecker St., this pioneering dispensary is the first to be owned by an individual who was once criminalized over marijuana. It’s more than a store – it’s a symbol of change and resilience.

The individual at the helm of this promising venture is Roland Conner, a man whose personal journey with cannabis has led him to this extraordinary milestone. Given my experience with cannabis, I never could have imagined that I would be opening a store like this,” Conner admits, underlining the significance of Smacked LLC not just for him and his family, but for the wider community as well. His gratitude is evident as he prepares to embark on this new journey, backed by his family, to generate generational wealth while redressing the injustices of outdated drug laws.

The initial soft opening of Smacked LLC, planned to run through February 20 2023, has been possible thanks to financial assistance from the New York Social Equity Cannabis Investment Fund. The fund aims to foster a thriving, equitable adult-use cannabis market by providing vital support to pioneering entrepreneurs like Conner. This progressive pop-up approach allows Conner to jump-start his sales and begin building the capital necessary for his business.

After the completion of the soft opening period, Smacked LLC will briefly close its doors for final construction before embarking on its long-term mission to bring quality cannabis products to the people of New York.

The announcement of Smacked LLC is an encouraging step forward in the evolution of the cannabis industry, marked by the approval of over 30 dispensary licenses by the New York State Cannabis Control Board. With many of these licenses reserved for those with past marijuana-related convictions, it’s an era of redemptive opportunities, as Gov. Kathy Hochul stated, “This dispensary is the latest example of our efforts to build the most equitable and inclusive cannabis industry in the nation.”

Smacked LLC is not just another dispensary – it is a beacon of hope, inclusivity, and second chances. It’s a testament to New York’s commitment to righting past wrongs and a symbol of a future that many eagerly anticipate. As we prepare to welcome Smacked LLC to the NYC cannabis scene, we stand in awe of its inspiring journey, and eagerly look forward to supporting its continued growth.


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