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Cannabis in Benin

History and Cultural Significance of Cannabis in Benin

In Benin Cannabis, commonly referred to as ‘wee-wee’ or ‘zaza‘, has a complex history rooted in the socio-cultural landscape of the nation. Although the exact introduction of cannabis into Benin is not precisely known, it is thought to have been present in the region for centuries, possibly brought in through trade routes or migrations.

Historically, cannabis has been used in traditional medicine and spiritual practices by certain ethnic groups in Benin. It has also been used recreationally, although not universally accepted across all strata of Beninese society.

Legislation and Legal Status

Cannabis is classified as an illegal substance in Benin under national law and in accordance with international drug control conventions. The production, sale, possession, and consumption of cannabis can lead to severe legal penalties, including imprisonment.

Medical Use and Research

Benin had not legalized the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. The government’s stance against drug misuse has been firm, and there have been no significant moves towards considering medical cannabis legislation.

Illicit Production and Trade

Despite its illegal status, cannabis is grown illicitly in Benin, mainly in rural and remote areas. The cannabis cultivated in Benin is primarily for local consumption, but some also find their way into the illicit drug trade network reaching neighboring countries and beyond.

Societal Impact

Cannabis consumption is somewhat widespread in Benin, particularly among younger demographics. Its usage is often linked to social issues, including educational underachievement, health problems, and crime.

The debate on the legalization of cannabis is not highly prominent in Benin, largely due to the government’s rigid stance against drugs. However, a small yet growing number of advocates argue for legalization, citing potential economic benefits, a reduction in the power of illicit markets, and improved product safety and quality control.

Future Prospects

There appears to be no significant change on the horizon for the legal status of cannabis . The government continues to prioritize anti-drug efforts, with a strong focus on law enforcement and prevention strategies. However, changing global attitudes towards cannabis may eventually influence the national dialogue on this issue in Benin.


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