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Cannabis in the Dominican Republic

History and Cultural Significance

Cannabis, known as ‘marijuana’ in the Dominican Republic, does not have deep historical roots in the country. It likely arrived through migration and cultural exchanges during the 20th century. While used recreationally, it does not carry significant cultural or religious significance as it does in some nations.

Legislation and Legal Status

The possession, cultivation, sale, and consumption of cannabis are illegal in the Dominican Republic. The country’s drug laws are enforced under the Narcotics and Controlled Substances Law 50-88, and penalties for violations can be severe, including lengthy prison sentences.

Medical Use and Research

As of 2021, the Dominican Republic has not legalized the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Despite a global trend towards the acceptance of medical cannabis, the country’s firm stance against illicit drugs has inhibited the progression of such initiatives.

Illicit Production and Trade

The Dominican Republic is not a major producer of cannabis but due to its location, it plays a significant role as a transit point in the international drug trade, with cannabis being among the substances trafficked. The government, in cooperation with international partners, has taken steps to combat drug trafficking and strengthen law enforcement.

Societal Impact

Despite its illegality, cannabis is commonly used in the Dominican Republic, particularly among younger demographics. However, its consumption is often linked with negative societal consequences, such as involvement in the illicit drug trade and related crime, contributing to a complex societal and public health issue.

Discussions surrounding the decriminalization or legalization of cannabis are not mainstream in the Dominican Republic. However, like many countries, there is a small but growing debate about the potential benefits of such changes, including potential medical benefits, reduction in drug-related crime, and increased economic activity.

Future Prospects

As of 2023, there have been no significant changes to the legal status of cannabis in the DR. The country remains committed to a prohibitionist stance, with an emphasis on law enforcement, prevention, and treatment strategies. However, the rapidly evolving global perspective on cannabis may influence future discussions about cannabis in the country.


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