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Good Grades: A Pioneer in NYC Cannabis – Review

A Pioneer in NYC Cannabis – Review, Good Grades, the first woman-led cannabis dispensary in the outer boroughs of New York City, is an inspirational venture worth getting excited about. Not just for its pioneering status, but also for its commitment to social equity and community empowerment, championing the transformative potential of the blossoming cannabis industry.

Located at 162-03 Jamaica Ave in Jamaica, Good Grades had a sensational pop-up sale, a teaser before the grand permanent reopening scheduled later this year. Backed by the state’s Social Equity Cannabis Investment Fund, the event served as a prime example of fast-tracking sales and offering valuable training opportunities for employees, all while generating crucial capital for the business.

Led by the dynamic duo of Extasy James, 26, and her cousin Michael James Jr., 34, the business is firmly rooted in the local community. Both operators grew up in the neighborhood, with Michael bringing invaluable legal expertise to the table, helping minority entrepreneurs navigate the cannabis industry.

Governor Hochul’s endorsement of Good Grades underscored New York’s commitment to fostering a safe, regulated cannabis industry while supporting entrepreneurs and local communities. We echo her sentiments and believe Good Grades is a beacon of progress in the Empire State.

Extasy’s mission is heartfelt and resonates deeply with us. She plans to leverage the business to support her young daughter and create generational wealth for her family. She acknowledges the resistance some have against cannabis, yet passionately highlights the myriad health benefits associated with its use, from alleviating arthritis and seizures to offering pet-friendly solutions.

What’s particularly compelling about Good Grades is its commitment to safety. Extasy’s exposure to cannabis on the streets has motivated her to ensure that her customers have access to safe, regulated products. Her cousin, Michael, shared the same sentiments, expressing joy at the legalization of cannabis and the rigorous testing it now undergoes before reaching consumers.

The pop-up sale was more than just a business event – it was a chance for the community to familiarize themselves with Extasy, a provider of safe cannabis products, and an inspiring female entrepreneur. And alongside Michael, she’s all set to serve the community, create local jobs, and elevate cannabis perception and usage in NYC.

As of now, the Good Grades family business employs twelve individuals, making them not just a cannabis store, but a catalyst for local job creation and community development. We believe this is just the beginning for them and eagerly await their permanent opening.

In a nutshell, Good Grades exemplifies the transformative power of the cannabis industry. It’s an establishment we’re thrilled to support, as they’re not just offering high-quality, safe cannabis products, but they’re also helping reshape the future of the industry in NYC, ensuring it’s rooted in community, equity, and wellness.


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