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The Best Stoner Podcasts for you.

Nothing beats a good laugh and a good joint. Well we are proud to bring you our favorite stoner pod casts, aka the best podcasts to listen to high. So sit back relax and tune in! Stoner podcasts are a great way for cannabis enthusiasts to stay up-to-date on the latest news, trends, and culture within the industry. From in-depth discussions on the legalization of marijuana to interviews with industry experts and personal anecdotes, stoner podcasts offer a wide range of content for listeners to enjoy.

The Best Stoner Podcasts:

  1. The Potcast:
    The Potcast, hosted by comedians and cannabis connoisseurs Steve, Stu, and Darryl, is a weekly podcast about the world of marijuana. They discuss the latest news and trends in the cannabis industry, provide helpful growing tips, and interview guests ranging from celebrities to legal experts to medical professionals.
  2. High Friends
    High Friends is a podcast hosted by two best friends who love to talk about weed culture and pop culture with their hilarious take on both topics. Each episode features guests such as musicians, comedians, entrepreneurs, and more talking about their favorite stoner topics.
  3. The Stoner Jesus Show
    The Stoner Jesus Show is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian Tom Jones that covers all things marijuana-related from legalization issues to news from the industry to debates about cannabis culture. The show also features interviews with experts in the field and fun segments like “Stoner Jeopardy” and “What’s in the Bowl?”
  4. Weed + Grub Podcast:
    Weed + Grub is a podcast featuring hosts Yola Luz and Mary Jean that discusses cannabis culture while dishing out advice on cooking with cannabis as well as food recipes inspired by marijuana strains. From cooking tips to strain reviews to guest interviews, this show has something for everyone interested in learning more about the lifestyle of being a stoner chef!

Overall, there are many excellent stoner podcasts out there that offer a wide range of content for cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for comedic entertainment or in-depth discussions on the latest industry news, there’s a stoner podcast out there for you.


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