Blunt Wrap

A blunt wrap is the outer covering used to roll a blunt, a type of cannabis cigar. Blunt wraps are typically made from tobacco leaf, giving the blunt its characteristic flavor and slow burn. They come in a variety of flavors and brands, allowing users to customize their smoking experience.

Popular Brands and Flavors

There are numerous brands of blunt wraps available on the market, each offering a variety of flavors. Here are some popular brands and their offerings:

  1. Double Platinum: Known for their quality and variety of flavors, including fruity options like peach and berry.
  2. Good Times: Offers traditional tobacco wraps as well as flavored options.
  3. Juicy Jays: Famous for their flavored hemp wraps, with flavors ranging from tropical passion to black n’ blueberry.
  4. High hemp: Offers all-natural, organic hemp wraps that are GMO-free and vegan. Flavors include honey pot swirl and grapeape.
  5. Royal Blunts: Provides a variety of flavors including wet mango, purple grape, and blueberry.
  6. Zig Zag: Known for their premium cigar wraps, available in flavors like straight up (natural), apple blitz, and cherry rush.
  7. Hempire: Offers pure hemp wraps, known for their smooth burn and natural flavor.
  8. King Palms: Offers natural leaf rolls that are free of tobacco and chemicals.
  9. Dutch Masters: Known for their quality tobacco wraps, they also offer a line of tobacco-free, hemp-based wraps.


While many people enjoy the flavor and slow burn of blunts, it’s important to note that they do contain tobacco and are therefore associated with the same health risks as other tobacco products, including addiction and various types of cancer. For this reason, they may not be the best choice for everyone, particularly for those who are trying to avoid tobacco.

Blunt wraps are a popular choice for rolling cannabis, offering a variety of flavors and a slow burn. However, due to their tobacco content, they should be used responsibly and with an understanding of the associated health risks.

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