Fatty Joint

A “fatty” joint refers to a cannabis joint that is larger than average, both in terms of length and diameter. The term “fatty” is a colloquialism used within the cannabis community to describe a joint that is packed with a substantial amount of cannabis.

Design and Usage

A fatty joint is typically rolled using a king-size rolling paper or larger, and can contain multiple grams of cannabis, as opposed to a standard joint which usually contains around 0.5 to 1 gram. The exact amount can vary based on the preferences of the user and the size of the rolling paper.

The process of rolling a fatty joint is similar to that of rolling a standard joint, but requires more skill to ensure that the joint burns evenly and doesn’t fall apart due to the increased amount of cannabis.


Fatty joints have several benefits:

  1. Longer Duration: Due to their size, fatty joints burn for a longer period of time compared to standard joints, making them ideal for group sessions or for users who want a prolonged smoking experience.
  2. Increased Potency: With more cannabis packed into the joint, users can achieve a more potent high.
  3. Shared Experience: The size of a fatty joint makes it ideal for sharing among a group of people.

A fatty joint is a larger-than-average cannabis joint that offers a prolonged and potentially more potent smoking experience. While they require more skill to roll effectively, they can provide a unique and enjoyable experience for cannabis users.

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