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Disjointed – Netflix Review

Disjointed - The best show about cannabis

Disjointed,” which debuted on Netflix on August 25, 2017, is more than just another comedy series. This brainchild of the television titans Chuck Lorre, David Javerbaum, and Jeff Schaffer is an extraordinary narrative that pays tribute to an industry in its infancy, an industry on the cusp of societal acceptance: cannabis.

Disjointed” stands out from the crowd as it delves headfirst into the exciting, often misunderstood world of cannabis culture. Through its fearless exploration, the series manages to normalize what was once a taboo subject, drawing parallels to the zeitgeist-shifting impact of shows like “Will & Grace” and “Orange is the New Black.”

At the heart of this green revolution is Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, played by the multi-talented Kathy Bates. An Oscar winner and a television staple, Bates brings an unmatched charm and dynamism to Ruth. Her portrayal of the Los Angeles marijuana dispensary owner is filled with both a love for cannabis and an infectious zest for life.

The entire narrative orbits around Ruth’s dispensary, laying bare the realities of a business in an industry that is only just finding its feet. The show’s spotlight on the marijuana trade makes it incredibly insightful, like a modern-day “Breaking Bad,” but with the drug stigma inverted and laced with humor.

The show’s black and white filming style acts as a delightful homage to classic television, reminding us of the pioneering sitcoms like “I Love Lucy,” while providing a stark contrast to the show’s thoroughly modern and revolutionary subject matter. It’s as if “Leave It to Beaver” decided to tackle 21st-century cannabis culture.

Every performance in “Disjointed” is exceptional. Bates as Ruth is an absolute revelation, turning every scene she’s in into a comedic masterclass, akin to Lucille Ball’s iconic antics but with a refreshing contemporary spin. The ensemble cast is equally outstanding, painting a diverse and inclusive picture of the cannabis industry.

The writing is another highlight of the show, brimming with clever humor and subtle societal commentary. It manages to infuse deep discussions about the cannabis industry, legal issues, medicinal benefits, and even addiction into its jokes, with the grace and wit of shows like “The West Wing” or “Frasier.

In addition to its comedic elements, “Disjointed” takes on the challenge of handling serious issues such as addiction and mental health. This not only brings depth to the narrative but also mirrors the reality of marijuana use in a way that’s seldom seen on television.

“Disjointed” is an absolute must-watch, one of those rare gems on Netflix that manages to entertain, educate, and provoke thought in equal measure. It’s as if “That ’70s Show,” “Cheers,” and “Weeds” had a love child, and then raised it in the enlightened era of marijuana legalization. So, if you’re hunting for something that pushes boundaries, celebrates diversity, and takes you on a thoroughly enjoyable ride, “Disjointed” should be your go-to. Trust us, it’s a binge-watch that’s absolutely worth your time.


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