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This Duo Ingeniously Created the Ultimate Smoking Tool

During the era of cannabis prohibition, enthusiasts of the plant had to think outside the box and improvise to meet their needs. They came up with inventive solutions like the soda can bowl, the sploof, the apple bowl, and even modifying lighters. Many of these DIY creations never went beyond personal use, but one product did break that mold – the Toker Poker.

What’s Toker Poker?

Toker Poker emerged from the creative minds of a husband and wife duo named Matt and Les. Back in the mid-aughts, they crafted a prototype using hot glue, acrylic paint, bobby pins, and a Bic lighter. Their motivation was simple: tired of misplacing lighters and using makeshift tools like bobby pins to clean out bowls, they aimed to create something better. The result was revolutionary.

Matt described it as the feeling of using a bottle opener for the first time: “Oh my gosh – this makes it so much easier!” Les added that it was the first instance where they used an entire lighter until it was empty – a true gamechanger.

The Toker Poker is essentially a sleeve designed to fit over Bic or Clipper lighters. It features a retractable stainless-steel poker for bowl clearing, a built-in tamper for packing down or extinguishing the bowl, and sometimes a bottle opener. Additionally, there’s a notch on the case’s side to securely hold up to five feet of hemp wick, secured by the poker. This compact accessory conveniently fits in your pocket, ensuring your lighter is always close by. But this multi-tool isn’t limited to just these functions. The Toker Poker team loves hearing about inventive ways people have used their product, from resetting modems to straightening candle wicks – this accessory is full of surprises.

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The Ultimate Tool for Active Smokers

Portable enough to slip into your pocket, and invaluable enough to never leave your side, the Toker Poker was masterminded for adventurous smokers but caters just as well to those who prefer relaxation on the couch. Matt and Les, both passionate hikers, intimately understand the challenges of dealing with a clogged pipe during outdoor excursions. Traditional twigs simply don’t cut it!

After tinkering with various prototypes over a few years, the couple delved into patent research and intellectual property. Their early exposure to Toker Poker’s utility on a three-month van trip across New Zealand validated the simple yet effective design. Coupled with a distinct appearance, they sought a series of patents.

The timing couldn’t have been better. Toker Poker debuted in 2013, six months before recreational cannabis legalization in Colorado. But their success isn’t solely reliant on timing; it’s fueled by a well-crafted, high-quality product addressing a genuine need. The Toker Poker’s value-add doesn’t burden your lighter’s weight or portability – it enhances its utility.

A Commitment to Personal Service

Matt and Les prioritize customer service earnestly. The Toker Poker team comprises friends and family who’ve been part of the journey since day one. No robots or automated chatbots here – if you reach out with an issue, you’ll converse with a real human.

Tailor Your Toker Poker

Although the Toker Poker is a lighter cover, it’s far from mundane. A plethora of design choices keeps your lighter stylishly refreshed. From vibrant colors and metallic sheens to exclusive artworks (like Alice in Wonderland) and glow-in-the-dark options, you’re spoiled for choice. They even offer Toker Pokers crafted from hemp plastic, a groundbreaking way to harness hemp stalks and reduce plastic waste.

“We’re committed to exploring inventive strategies to minimize waste,” Matt shared. “Balancing our environmental impact with innovative, practical products guides our every decision.”

In 2023, Toker Poker collaborates with diverse artists for limited edition designs. Anticipate fresh additions, including ones tailored for Mini Bic lighters. Early glimpses, flash deals, and exclusive offers go first to their email subscribers.

According to Matt, “Toker Poker thrives on community engagement. Involving fans in our endeavors has truly drawn people in. Our ‘Fan Pic Fridays’ on Instagram foster genuine connections.”

Les added, “Every Friday, we award a gift card to the finest Toker Poker photos sent our way. We delight in witnessing the journeys Toker Pokers embark upon and the devoted individuals who cherish them – from the depths of the sea to the summits of mountains. Oddly enough, cats seem to have a soft spot for them too!”


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