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The best places in California for Cannabis.

Weed Tourism in California

We dish out the best places in California to travel for cannabis tourism! Let us know what was your favorite so we can check it out too! We have traveled up and down the coast and there are our favorite parts of California. 

1. Northern California

Home to the world-famous Emerald Triangle, Northern California is a mecca for cannabis cultivation and consumption. With its mild climate and ample sunshine, the region is ideal for growing marijuana, and visitors can find some of the best weed in the state here. There are also many dispensaries and pot-friendly businesses in Northern California, making it easy to score some high-quality bud while you’re in town. You are going to absolutely love this area! Filled with every aspect of the cannabis industry, their is so much to see. 

2. Southern California

Though it may not be as well-known for its cannabis scene as Northern California, Southern California actually has a lot to offer pot tourists. Los Angeles, in particular, is home to several dispensaries and delivery services, meaning you can easily get your hands on some quality weed without having to leave your hotel room. And if you’re looking to explore beyond LA, there are plenty of other great destinations in SoCal worth checking out, like San Diego and Palm Springs.

3. Humboldt County

Located just north of the Emerald Triangle, Humboldt County is another excellent place to visit if you’re interested in cannabis tourism. Although this rural region is home to some of the best marijuana in the state, and its laid-back atmosphere makes it a great place to relax and enjoy your time while indulging in some potent pot.

DC Collective in California Cannabis Dispensary

Ready to vibe with some weed in Cali?

Remember, only if you’re 21+. Let’s keep it legal!

First, know the rules. No smoking in public, alright? And private spots like hotels might have their own policies. Now, the fun part! Check out licensed cannabis lounges. They’re chill spots to enjoy weed with others. Super social, right? Love nature? Cali’s got you. Beaches, forests, parks—pick your paradise. Hey, remember to check the spot’s weed rules.

National parks are a no-go for weed. They’re federal lands. Stick to state spots to stay out of trouble.

Enjoy responsibly, know the laws, and find your perfect chill spot. Happy toking in California, friend!


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