What Are SunRocks?

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As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, new and innovative products are constantly being developed to cater to the diverse preferences of cannabis enthusiasts. One such product that has gained significant popularity in recent years is SunRocks. But what exactly are 

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SunRocks, and what sets them apart from other high-potency cannabis products? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the world of SunRocks, exploring their origins, the production process, and how to consume them safely and responsibly. Sunrocks are a type of cannabis product known for their extremely high potency. They are not a strain of cannabis per se, but rather a preparation method that involves coating cannabis buds in cannabis concentrate and then dusting them with kief.

The Origins of SunRocks: A Brief History

SunRocks are a relatively new player in the cannabis market, first appearing on the scene in the early 2010s. They were created as a response to the growing demand for high-potency cannabis products, particularly among experienced users seeking an even more potent experience than other popular options like MoonRocks.

SunRocks were initially popularized by rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Kurupt, who worked in collaboration with Dr. Zodiak’s, a well-known cannabis brand. Today, SunRocks can be found in various forms and under different brand names, but the core concept remains the same: a high-quality cannabis bud coated in potent cannabis extracts and rolled in kief.

The Production Process: How SunRocks Are Made

SunRocks are made up of three main components, each playing a crucial role in creating the final product’s high potency:

a. Cannabis Bud: At the core of every SunRock is a premium-quality cannabis bud, typically sourced from a high-THC strain. This bud serves as the foundation for the layers that follow.

b. Cannabis Extract: The cannabis bud is then coated in a thick layer of cannabis extract, usually in the form of a potent cannabis oil, BHO (butane hash oil), or CO2 oil. This extract adds an extra punch of THC to the SunRock, significantly increasing its potency.

c. Kief: Finally, the oil-coated bud is rolled in kief, the fine, resinous trichomes that have been separated from the cannabis plant. Kief is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, which adds even more potency and complexity to the SunRock.

When combined, these three components create a cannabis product with an exceptionally high THC content, often reaching upwards of 60-80%. This makes SunRocks one of the most potent cannabis products available on the market today.

The Anatomy of a SunRock: What Makes It So Potent?

The process of making SunRocks typically involves the following steps:

a. Selection: The first step is choosing a high-quality cannabis bud from a potent strain, ensuring it is properly dried and cured.

b. Coating: The selected bud is then carefully coated in a layer of cannabis extract. This is often done by dipping or brushing the bud with the chosen extract, ensuring even coverage.

c. Rolling: Once coated, the bud is rolled in kief until it is fully covered. Some producers may use a fine sieve or mesh to ensure that only the smallest and most potent trichomes are used for this step.

d. Curing: The finished SunRock is then allowed to cure for a short period, allowing the components to meld together and create a cohesive final product.

Consuming SunRocks: Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Experience

Due to their high potency, SunRocks should be consumed with caution, particularly by those who are new to cannabis or have a low tolerance. Here are some tips for consuming SunRocks safely and responsibly:

a. Start Small: Begin with a small piece of a SunRock, roughly the size of a pea or smaller, and gradually increase your dose as needed. Remember that SunRocks are incredibly potent, so it’s best to start low and slow to avoid overconsumption.

b. Use the Right Equipment: SunRocks are best consumed using a glass pipe, bong, or vaporizer designed for concentrates. Avoid using rolling papers or blunt wraps, as the oil and kief may make it difficult to burn evenly, and the high temperatures can destroy some of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

c. Clean Your Equipment: Due to the sticky nature of SunRocks, it’s essential to clean your smoking or vaping equipment regularly to prevent residue buildup, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

d. Be Patient: The effects of SunRocks may take longer to onset than other cannabis products, particularly if you’re using a vaporizer. Give yourself at least 15-30 minutes to gauge the full effects before consuming more.

e. Pair with CBD: If you find that the effects of SunRocks are too intense or cause anxiety, consider pairing your consumption with a CBD product. CBD can help counteract some of the THC’s psychoactive effects, providing a more balanced experience.

Composition and Production

Sunrocks start with high-quality cannabis buds, often from the OG Kush family. These buds are dipped or sprayed with a cannabis concentrate, also known as hash oil or wax. The coated buds are then rolled in kief, which is the resinous trichomes of cannabis that have been separated from the plant matter.

Potency and Effects

Sunrocks are renowned for their potency, with THC levels rumored to be around 80%. This makes them significantly stronger than most strains of cannabis flower, which typically have THC levels in the 15-30% range. The effects of Sunrocks are intense and long-lasting, with a powerful combination of both cerebral and physical effects. Due to their potency, Sunrocks are often recommended for experienced cannabis users.


Sunrocks can be smoked in a pipe or bong, or vaporized in a device capable of handling concentrates. They should be handled carefully, as the outer layer of kief can easily be knocked off. When smoking Sunrocks, it’s recommended to start with a small amount due to their high potency.

SunRocks vs. MoonRocks: What’s the Difference?

SunRocks and MoonRocks are often compared due to their similar composition and high potency. However, there are a few key differences between the two:

a. Potency: SunRocks are typically more potent than MoonRocks, with THC concentrations reaching upwards of 60-80% compared to MoonRocks’ 40-60%. This is primarily due to the higher-quality cannabis extracts and finer kief used in the production of SunRocks.

b. Consistency: SunRocks are generally denser and more cohesive than MoonRocks, with a thicker coating of cannabis extract and kief. This can make them easier to handle and consume, particularly for those using vaporizers or dab rigs.

c. Price: Due to their higher potency and quality, SunRocks are often more expensive than MoonRocks. However, the price can vary depending on the brand, strain, and region.

SunRocks represent the cutting edge of high-potency cannabis products, offering experienced users a truly powerful and unique experience. By understanding their origins, composition, and proper consumption methods, you can enjoy SunRocks safely and responsibly. As the cannabis industry continues to innovate and expand, it’s exciting to see what new products and experiences will emerge for cannabis enthusiasts to explore.




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