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Backcross (BX)

Backcross (BX), in the context of cannabis breeding, is a technique used to stabilize desirable traits in a cannabis strain by crossing it with one of its parent plants or a closely related cultivar. Here’s a detailed explanation of backcrossing in relation to cannabis:

Origin and Characteristics:

The Backcross (BX) technique has been used in plant breeding for many years, including in cannabis cultivation. The purpose of backcrossing is to strengthen and preserve specific traits of a strain while retaining the genetic lineage and stability.

Usage and Function:

Backcrossing is typically employed when a breeder wants to emphasize certain desirable traits found in a particular cannabis strain. These traits can include potency, flavor, aroma, yield, disease resistance, or specific growth characteristics.

The process involves crossing the target strain (referred to as the “recurrent parent”) with one of its parent plants or a closely related cultivar (referred to as the “donor parent”). The resulting offspring, known as the first backcross generation (F1), inherit half of their genetic material from the recurrent parent and half from the donor parent.

The F1 offspring are then selectively bred back to the recurrent parent in subsequent generations to increase the genetic contribution of the recurrent parent’s desired traits. This repeated crossing with the recurrent parent helps to “backcross” the traits of interest into the new generation while minimizing the introduction of new genetic variation.

Advantages and Techniques:

Backcrossing offers several advantages in cannabis breeding:

  • Trait Stabilization: Backcrossing helps stabilize and enhance specific traits that are desirable in a strain. It allows breeders to concentrate and reinforce desired characteristics, such as potency, flavor, or aroma.
  • Genetic Consistency: By repeatedly crossing with the recurrent parent, backcrossing helps maintain the genetic lineage and stability of the strain while selectively amplifying the desired traits.
  • Accelerated Genetic Fixation: Backcrossing can expedite the fixation of desired traits in a strain compared to other breeding methods. This allows breeders to achieve stable and uniform offspring in fewer generations.


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