Pax 3 Vaporizer

Review: PAX 3 Vaping Device

The PAX 3 is a compact yet high-powered device that seamlessly blends style and functionality. Whether you prefer flower or concentrates, this device offers a smooth vaping experience within its sleek design.

For fans of the PAX 2, the PAX 3 will be a delight. And if you’ve been curious about trying vaping devices but weren’t sure where to begin, the PAX 3 is a great starting point.

Key Features of the PAX 3 Vaping Device


The PAX 3 stands out as the sole device in the PAX lineup capable of handling both flower and concentrates. This makes it an ideal choice for those who enjoy plant-based options but seek a more discreet method of consumption. It's also a smart choice for individuals aiming to cut down on smoking and give their lungs a break.

Compact Design

The PAX's appeal lies in its impressive power-to-size ratio. Its sleek and modern design doesn't draw attention to cannabis, contributing to its durability – there are no fragile parts that can break off easily if dropped. All functions are managed through a single button discreetly placed in the mouthpiece.

Cartridge Convenience

Flower and concentrate cartridges are inserted into the bottom oven of the device. The PAX comes with three filling options: a concentrates insert and two flower lids. One of the lids accommodates a smaller half-pack, perfect for occasions when a full bowl isn't necessary.

Controllable Intensity

The PAX's oven delivers potent hits, so users are advised to take it easy with their inhalations. Different temperature settings offer diverse flavor profiles, accentuating the rich terpenes and aromatic compounds in each hit.

Value and Quality:

While priced at \$200, the PAX 3 offers a superior and enduring vaping experience. Cheaper alternatives often lack durability and smooth vapor production. Given the device’s capability to handle both flower and concentrates, its cost becomes a justified investment. Coupled with PAX’s reputation and a 10-year warranty, this vape delivers lasting value and a promising future for your smoking sessions.

Advantages of the PAX 3 Vape

Disadvantages of the PAX 3 Vape

Competitor comparison

There are plenty of competitors in the portable vaporizer market, so how does the PAX 3 stack up against the competition?


Airvape Legacy Pro

Storz & Bickel Mighty

Using and Caring for Your PAX 3

 If you’re unsure about how to operate or clean your PAX 3, don’t worry! Despite its sleek design, the compartments might be a bit hidden, so getting accustomed to your new device might take a moment. Thankfully, the brand offers a range of videos that cover everything from loading the oven to maintaining the device’s pristine condition.

Cons of the Capsule Water Pipe

How is the Capsule Water Pipe Different from Similar Smoking Devices?

The Capsule Water Pipe stands out with its cool capsule shape that lets you collapse it into just the glass base. The glass is strong but still comfy to hold. While it might cost a bit more than some similar gadgets, the top-notch materials and unique design make it a smart choice.

On the Smoke Honest website, they’ve got a video that shows how to unbox the Capsule Water Pipe. It explains the parts and how they fit. With this pipe, you get a glass bowl, downstem, percolator, and even a carrying bag.

Enhance Your PAX 3 Experience

Your preferred cannabis flower or concentrate!

The PAX 3 is compatible with both solid and waxy concentrates. So, whether you have budder, badder, shatter, resin, or dab, give it a go. With four temperature options, the lower heat levels bring out a delightful array of terpenes in any concentrate, delivering an exceptional flavor sensation.

For flower enthusiasts, ensure that your flower is finely ground before packing it into the oven. To achieve this, turn your grinder upside down while grinding to keep the flower at the top rather than letting it pass through.

What are people saying about the PAX 3?

Final Thoughts on the Pax 3

If you’re a fan of cannabis and its wonderful terpene flavors, the PAX 3 is a strong contender. It offers potency and discretion, allowing you to enjoy your favorite plant’s goodness wherever and whenever you want. Plus, its flavor experience is unmatched – something you won’t easily find in a traditional joint.


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