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Dab Rig

A dab rig, also known as an oil rig or concentrate rig, is a specialized water pipe designed for vaporizing and consuming cannabis concentrates, such as wax, shatter, or oil. It is used in the process of dabbing, which involves heating the concentrate on a heated surface, typically called a nail or banger, and inhaling the resulting vapor.

A dab rig consists of several components:

  1. Water Chamber: Similar to a traditional water pipe, the dab rig has a water chamber or percolator that filters and cools the vapor for a smoother inhalation experience.
  2. Nail or banger: The nail or banger is typically made of quartz, titanium, or ceramic material and serves as the heating element. It is heated with a butane torch or an electric heating device until it reaches the desired temperature for vaporization.
  3. Carb Cap: A carb cap is a small lid or cover placed over the nail or banger to trap the heat and regulate airflow. It helps create a low-pressure environment, allowing for more efficient vaporization of the concentrate.
  4. Dab Tool: A dab tool, also known as a dabber, is used to handle and apply the concentrate onto the heated nail or banger. It is typically made of heat-resistant material, such as glass, quartz, or titanium.
  5. Torch: A butane torch is commonly used to heat the nail or banger to the optimal temperature for vaporization. It provides a direct flame and allows for precise control over the heating process. However, electric heating devices are also available as an alternative.


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