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A dome refers to a specific type of smoking accessory commonly used with dab rigs or oil rigs. It is a glass or quartz attachment that covers the nail or banger (heating element) of the rig to capture and direct the vapor produced during the dabbing process.

Origins and Usage: Domes have been used for many years as a means to contain and control the vaporization of cannabis concentrates, such as wax, shatter, or oil. They are typically made of heat-resistant glass or quartz, which can withstand the high temperatures necessary for vaporization.

When using a dome, the process typically involves heating the nail or banger with a torch until it reaches the desired temperature. Then, a small amount of the cannabis concentrate is placed on the heated surface, instantly vaporizing and creating a flavorful and potent inhalable vapor. The dome is then placed over the nail or banger to capture and funnel the vapor into the rig’s downstem, allowing the user to inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece.

Domes often feature a small hole or tube on the top to allow airflow and control the intensity of the vapor. Some domes may also have a carb cap, a separate piece used to cover the hole and regulate the airflow, enhancing the flavor and efficiency of the dabbing process.

It’s worth noting that the use of domes has become less prevalent in recent years due to the development of more advanced dabbing techniques and accessories. For example, many modern dab rigs now feature built-in carb caps or specialized airflow systems that eliminate the need for a separate dome. Additionally, domeless nails or bangers have gained popularity, offering a more streamlined and convenient dabbing experience.

Nevertheless, domes still hold a place in the history and evolution of dabbing and remain a viable option for those who prefer a more traditional approach to concentrate consumption.


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