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“Mids” is a slang term used in the cannabis community to describe medium-grade or average-quality cannabis. It refers to cannabis that falls between low-quality “schwag” or “brick weed” and high-quality, top-shelf cannabis often referred to as “dank” or “loud.”

Mids are typically characterized by their moderate potency, average aroma, and appearance. The term “mids” is often associated with cannabis that is neither exceptionally potent nor particularly flavorful. The buds may have a more generic or less pronounced scent compared to higher-quality strains.

Mids are often recognized by their medium-sized, moderately dense buds, with shades of green and orange hairs. They may have visible trichomes but generally not as densely packed as higher-quality cannabis. The overall visual appeal of mids may be less impressive compared to premium strains.

The term “mids” is not an indicator of a specific strain or lineage but rather refers to the overall quality and characteristics of the cannabis itself. It is important to note that cannabis quality and grading can vary significantly based on factors such as cultivation practices, genetics, and handling.

Mids are often more affordable than high-quality strains, making them a popular choice for those looking for a budget-friendly option. They may still provide a decent cannabis experience, offering moderate relaxation and potential therapeutic effects. However, the potency and overall quality of mids may not match the intense effects or flavor profiles found in top-shelf strains.

It is worth mentioning that the perception of cannabis quality can be subjective, as individual preferences and expectations vary. What one person may consider mids, another person may find perfectly suitable for their needs. It is important to understand that cannabis quality is a spectrum, and the term “mids” is a relative categorization within that spectrum.


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