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This Israeli Device Resembles the Nespresso of Cannabis

Cannabis enthusiasts have a growing interest in infused products, driven in part by the fact that 53% of respondents in the Americans and Cannabis Consumption Survey reported increased consumption of edibles. Among these products, cannabis oil stands out as a convenient way to precisely measure doses and enhance the cannabinoid content of beverages and food items.

However, despite their popularity, cannabis oils face a transparency issue. Most certificates of analysis lack detailed information beyond cannabinoid percentages, leaving consumers unaware of the specific flower used or whether the oil is a blend. Additionally, solventless oils, considered the purest extraction form, are hard to come by due to brands cutting costs with alcohol or chemical extraction.

For cannabis enthusiasts seeking a solution, making homemade infusions requires time and effort, while purchasing machines might involve long wait times and strong odors. Enter PureDrop, a revolutionary cannabis infusion machine that promises high-quality, solventless extracts in just 90 seconds – comparable to the convenience of brewing coffee with a Nespresso machine.

What is PureDrop?

PureDrop streamlines the process by decarboxylating, extracting, and infusing cannabis flower into oil at the press of a button. This all-in-one machine employs pods similar to those used in coffee machines, but for creating full-spectrum solventless cannabis oil. Users can easily make concentrates, tinctures, vape cartridges, and more without the hassle of adjusting settings.

Developed by GreenPoint, an Israeli-based company comprising experts in agriculture, botany, technology, and production, PureDrop aims to make high-quality cannabis extracts more accessible. The system includes the Pod Maker, which allows users to customize their own flower blends, and for a limited time, the Pod Maker is offered for free with presale orders of PureDrop.

By offering a swift and user-friendly method to produce top-notch cannabis extracts, PureDrop seeks to provide cannabis enthusiasts with an innovative solution to enhance their oil experience and broaden their consumption possibilities.

Simple Cannabis Infusions for Every Home Kitchen

The increasing popularity of edibles consumption is a confirmed trend. However, when envisioning a machine with such capabilities, one might think of industrial-sized appliances that take up significant space. Surprisingly, the PureDrop defies this image by containing its power within a sleek, compact design suitable for your countertop or cabinet.

PureDrop offers full-spectrum cannabis oils, delivering the holistic benefits of the entire plant. With an extraction process devoid of alcohol, the purity of your oil is ensured with every use.

Although PureDrop requires an upfront investment, the savings it yields are noteworthy. In mere minutes, it can perform tasks equivalent to multiple machines and produce a variety of cannabis products, comparable to those found in dispensaries.

Embrace the Versatility of PureDrop:

  • Infuse oils for personal daily use.
  • Prepare infused dishes quickly for guests.
  • Craft cannabis mocktails to delight.
  • Create solventless concentrates for clean dabbing.
  • Craft your vape cartridges for favorite dab pens. The possibilities are bound only by your creativity.

PureDrop facilitates fresh ways to enjoy cannabis, sparing you the expense of dispensary purchases and the hassle of scrutinizing COAs. The transparency of your infusions is guaranteed, as you are in control of their creation – all accomplished in just 90 seconds!

Save with PureDrop Presale:

PureDrop distinguishes itself in design, power, and versatility within the cannabis infusion machine market. The revolutionary capability to decarboxylate, extract, and infuse in a mere 15 minutes sets it apart.

While not yet available on the market, this presents an opportunity for additional savings. During the presale phase, you can secure a remarkable 45% discount off the retail price, coupled with the complimentary inclusion of the Pod Maker.

The Pod Maker empowers you to craft your botanical blends, enabling infusions with THC, CBD flower, and smokable herbal mixes. With six pods accommodating 0.35 oz of dried flower and six vials of MCT carrier oil, it’s valued at $149. However, by seizing this limited-time presale offer, you can acquire it for free.

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Final Thoughts on PureDrop

Innovation abounds in the cannabis industry, but rarely does it give way to a truly game-changing product. PureDrop’s ability to infuse in 90 seconds and take you from raw flower to completed oil in just 15 minutes is unheard of in any other machine currently on the market.

It’s time to stop fiddling with dials, settings and guesswork. Create your very own custom oils at the press of a button with PureDrop. And with the limited presale offer, all of this can be yours at the lowest price you’ll ever find.


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